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What Eckankar Means to Me

Why do people study Eckankar? Here are comments from ECKists (members of Eckankar) in Washington, describing how study of the ECK teachings has affected their outlook on life:

"I am grateful for the ever-expanding awareness of the importance of paying attention to the small details….it never ceases to amaze me how the ECK [Holy Spirit] teaches me and continues to remind me of the simple truths.."
-- R.A., Olympia

"To me, one of the greatest benefits of Eckankar is not having spiritual experiences, but recognizing them and understanding the important lessons they bring."
-- S.O., Sammamish

"A friend lent me an Eckankar book …. While reading this book, I became aware of a whole new way of measuring spiritual success…. These teachings pointed out that there is an inner life we all have that is very important. By practicing the spiritual exercises in the ECK books and discourses, one can experience for one's own self the Light and Sound that is the Holy Spirit! This religion helped me to build spiritual stamina, so I could have my own spiritual experiences."
-- R.S., Duvall

"Having a living Master keeps the religion fresh and alive, and the spiritual exercises give individual guidance. Eckankar has helped me make sense of life."
-- A.G., Spokane

"One reason I like the ECK teachings is because they relate to my personal experience. I can apply them to my everyday life."
-- J.W., Seattle

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New Beginning
"We are Soul, God's creation, and IT loves us because that is ITS nature."
- Harold Klemp
Mahanta Transcripts, Book 9, pgs. 24-25